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At Island Gold, we buy and sell diamonds in jewelry and loose stones, too. This is a very precise business. All our gemologists are GIA certified (Gemological Institute of America) and very skilled. You’ll receive the best price in Corpus Christi for the diamond you buy or sell at Island Gold.

Here are some things to consider.

Diamond measurements Color, Cut, Clarity, Carats


The 4 Cs – Color, Cut, Clarity, Carats

Diamonds 101

When it comes to Buying and Selling Diamonds there are a few basic things to know that will help you through the process. The world of Diamonds has its own vocabulary, the most common thing you hear about are the Four Cs: Color, Cut, Clarity, and Carats. Other terms that you may not be familiar with are inclusions, points, and certificates of diamond quality and authenticity. Below are some basics to help you navigate the buying and selling process.

Diamond Cut

Master Diamond Cutters are true artists. They will fashion different shapes from stones and increase the value by adding facets and other cuts that enhance the stone’s natural beauty. Faceting shows off the stone’s brilliance and “inner light.” Cut is also measured on a Zero (perfect) to 10 (imperfect) ratings scale.

Diamond Color

Diamonds come in a range of color; completely colorless stones are the most expensive. Natural diamond colors may include subtle yellow or brown undertones, plus vibrant blue, black, pink, purple, green and (rare) red shades. GIA ranks diamond color by letter and ASG (American Gem Societies) ranks by number.

Diamond Clarity

Tiny imperfections – called inclusions – are part of almost any diamond. Most are not visible to the naked eye and show up under magnification. Inclusions are trace mineral deposits or other naturally occurring blemishes in the stone. Inclusions lower the value of the diamond. GIA has a rating system that determines how inclusions detract from the beauty and value of a stone.

Diamond Carat Weight

A diamond’s weight is measured in carats; higher carat weight it a larger stone. Larger stones aren’t always the most expensive or valuable; all four Cs play an important role in determining value.

Diamond Four Cs and Value

When it comes to diamonds, cut, color, clarity, and carat weight each plays its own role in determining the beauty of the stone. Together the Four Cs combine to distinguish the overall value and rarity of one diamond from another. A larger diamond with a yellow undertone, for example, might be less valuable than a smaller, more colorless one.

Diamond Certificates of Authenticity

There are multiple diamond certification agencies, however GIA is one of the most widely accepted and tends to be the most stringent of all certification agencies. Our buyers and diamond brokers are GIA certified Gemologist

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