Estate Sales – Dealing with Precious Metals and Estate Jewelry

Today I thought I would take a few moments to talk about how to handle Precious Metals and Estate Jewelry when an Estate Sale is needed.

First there are numerous reasons people have estate sales including things such as downsizing, moving away, combining homes and sometimes because of the loss of a loved one. Many items can be sold at an Estate Sale easily and can bring a fair price. Certain things however, should really never be handled within the estate sale. These things would include items like gold coins and gold bars, silver coins, fine jewelry and diamonds, as well as sterling silver flatware and serving sets.

Gold Bars from a recent Estate Inheritance

Be wary of the Estate Sales Companies that want to include these items in the estate sale. Also be alarmed if they offer to buy them directly from you ahead of time. They may be trying to low ball you during this busy process. I have seen Estate Sales where they are trying to sell costume jewelry and fine jewelry alike. But after they sell these items they take such a high percentage you actually loose in the end. I have also seen where actual gold jewelry has accidentally gotten mixed in with costume jewelry and are being sold for pennies of their actual value.

This is all a result of the company not being experts in precious metals. Often times it is much better to bring your precious metals or gold jewelry to a business that specializes in buying fine jewelry. Do this before the Estate Sale and bring all the jewelry so someone can help you identify what is real and what is not. That is when a good and reliable Gold Buyer can be of assistance.

So if you have cause for an Estate Sale…good luck and go see a professional Gold Dealer first.