Gold Buyers Tools of the Trade

Like most businesses the buying of gold, silver platinum and diamonds requires expert knowledge…and sometimes some tools of the trade.  I am going to introduce you to four (4) that I use or plan to use on a regular basis as a professional Gold Buyer.

Diamond Tester

Gold Partners Diamond Tester

The first one is a diamond tester.  There are many options out there, but I currently use the Presidium Multi Tester III.  By placing the point on a diamond, I can easily distinguish between Glass or CZ type stones, Moissanite, or actual diamonds.  I use this tool often along with my years of experience looking at a diamond through a quality loop to make informed decisions about the clarity, color cut and ultimately the value of a diamond.

Gold Testers for Gold Buyers

GEMORO Gold Purity Tester

Next on this list happens to be my newest and in fact, I just received it yesterday.  It is the GEMORO AuRACLE AGT3 Digital Gold & Platinum Tester.  I have tried it out and am looking forward to utilizing it often especially when purchasing heavy gold items that cost a lot of money. This tester will help me better identify gold items and purity ultimately saving me money.

Sigma Precious Metals Tester

Then we come to the Sigma Metalytics precious Metal Verifier.  This is great for identifying coins and high gold content bullion etc.  I use it often when buying Swiss Gold Bars, American Gold Eagles and sometime when buying old Morgan Silver Dollars.  I even use this one on Sterling Silver Flatware occasionally.

Gold Buyers Acid Test

Last on this list today, but definitely not least, my go to for 90% of everything is just my standard acid test.  This “tool” is comprised of a jewelry stone and a multitude of Testing Solutions based on 10k acid 14k acid 18k acid and 22k acid.  These solutions are made of varying strengths of nitric & muriatic acid and have been used for years and years in our industry.  This test does not require batteries or a power source and with experience can be a great tool in identifying precious metals.  I use this for most of my gold buying process.

I have discussed a few of the tools that we use and there are more but as you can easily see, Gold Buyers too have their own tools of the trade!  Now I am off to practice with my newest one.