We Buy Sterling Silver

At Island Gold, we buy all types of Sterling Silver items including Flatware, Platters, Teapots, creamers, sugar bowls and anything made of Solid Silver.

What to look for in Silver Items

How can you tell what is Solid Silver? There are few things to look for.

The word “Sterling” or “STER” is the most common, Items may also have stamps like 900” or “800”.

Many Flatware and Silver sets are actually not made of Solid Silver but are usually plated, they may have the word “Silver” stamped on them but lack the word Sterling, STER or a number.

We do not buy items that are Silver Plated. See picture at left. If you are unsure you can always bring your items into our store and we will check them for you.

On Pieces made in Europe or countries outside the US you may find other types of Hallmarks they are usually pictures like a lion head, a crown or a castle. There are many different types of marks it is best to bring the items in to be tested or do some research on-line.

Other Things To Look For

There are other precious metals that Island Gold buys that look Silver but are not.

Gold can be Silver in color, know as white Gold. It will be marked see our Gold page for more information.

Platinum is another precious metal that Island Gold will buy. It is Silver in Color and will be marked. Here is a list of Hallmarks to look for:

  • Platinum Hallmarks
  • PT950
  • 950PT
  • 950PLAT
  • PT900
  • 900PT
  • 900PLAT
  • PT999
  • PT850

Make sure your Gold Buyer separates items by type (Gold, Silver or Platinum) and by precious metal content (10KT, 14KT for Gold or 900, 950 for Platinum). White Gold and Platinum items are worth a lot more than Silver. If you are ready to sell your sterling silver flatware, or anything made of sterling silver, stop in today.