What We Sell

Island Gold Sells Bullion and Coins

We sell Bullion for individual customer needs. Gold and Silver bars and coins. From 1/10th ounce and up. We sell Gold Eagles, Gold Buffalo Coins, Canadian Maple Leafs, Australian Gold, British Gold.  We also sell Silver Eagles, Mint Sealed Boxes, Silver Maple Leafs, British Silver and regular Buffalo Silver Rounds.  We can set up one time purchases or scheduled purchases. Call us so we can help you tailor a program to meet your needs.

Island Gold Sells New Jewelry

Island Gold sells new jewelry by order.  We do not stock an inventory however we can provide you with a customized experience ordering what you want not what we have in stock like most jewelry stores.  We are able to therefore keep our overhead down and pass the saving onto our customers.  View our catalog of new jewelry and stop in today to get what you want and discounted prices!


We sell Diamonds of any size and quality. As Diamond Brokers we have access to 100’s of Diamonds in all price ranges. We take the time to show you the difference between Diamonds to insure you get the best Diamond within your budget. Why pay retail? We also offer custom design service to set your Diamond in the setting of your choice. Call us at 361-589-4320 to get a free estimate.